Diet and nutrition


  • Nutrition for specific diseases
  • Specific diet for athletes
  • Monitoring at different life stages
  • Obesity and overweigh prevention

The best way to stay healthy and prevent future health problems is to make a varied, balanced diet rich in nutrients, using seasonal fruits and vegetables and buying local products.

A good example of healthy diet is the Mediterranean diet, which is characterized by the use of olive oil, by an abundance of fruits and vegetables, and also by a large presence of oily fish, nuts and legumes.

Lately we have moved away from this diet that gives priority to fresh food and have fallen in the consumption of packaged products or from the other side of the world. It is time to return to our Mediterranean roots.


Nutrition in different areas

Each day increases the number of people suffering from diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol, obesity and other diseases associated with diet and lifestyle. Even some children also have these diseases. Food is the key to prevention and in many cases it also to treat them successfully.

Our energy and nutrients need are always changing throughout life. There are ages at which it is important that our body gets all the nutrients it needs to meet its demands. We will have to make special attention to diet during adolescence, pregnancy, menopause and the elderly

Adequate food for those who play sports can help you get better marks, prevent injuries and recover more easily after training or competition. In the long term, a proper diet can prevent future problems due to the stress that competitive sport generates to the body.

We have so many offers of products rich in empty calories, and easy to consume, that it is hard not to fall into temptation and keep weight at healthy levels. We must return to a supply of natural and seasonal products and occasionally eat what harms our health and our line.

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